We began this venture, our story, with some basic goals; we would raise alpacas, spin a little fiber into yarn, weave a little, knit a little, felt a little and see if anyone liked what we produced. That was almost fifteen years ago. The more we worked with the fiber and the more we learned about producing high quality alpaca fiber, the more we were inspired to create clothing that was as much art as function, and mirrored the quality of the fiber we were producing. In the process, we became 5 Miles East, a brand that we feel communicates who we are and why we exist.

We have been fortunate in being able to find others who are inspired by the fiber: small boutique fiber mills, knitwear designers and skilled knitters who are all part of the process that turns our raw fiber into clothing and accessories that appeal to our customers as much for their beauty and comfort as they appeal to the tactile senses.

When you acquire a piece of our clothing or an accessory piece you are becoming part of our story. We provide you with the first four chapters – the alpaca that produced the fiber, the mill or person who spun the fiber, the designer who designed your item and the knitter or weaver who created it. The rest of the chapters are yours – where you wore it, who complimented you on how beautiful you looked in it, who you passed it on to.

A Five Miles East original design by Melinda Baur, worn by Janetta.

Our Fiber. Our Fashions.

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Each of our products are one of a kind and these are items we've made for customers in the past.  If you are interested in having an item made just for you please contact us or check out where to buy our products!