Prepping for Fall

Our recent snow especially got the crias escited as they had never seen the white stuff before. We are sure they will be as excited the next time we get a snow, too! I’m not sure their memory is all that long!

We used to say that Fall was our busiest time of the year, but that has changed in that it seems ever season is our busiest time. We used to only be preparing for Fall and Winter sales of our wearable art, but with our summer sales in Door County, Summer knitting conferences with yarn sales and our Fall and Winter clothing sales, we feel like our business has grown into a 365 day enterprise.

We are working feverishly to get our last few pieces knitted and I really have to get some jewelry made, plus we are really low on felted hats. That all has to be worked in between beginning to lead the crias, getting the garden tilled, canning applesauce and making sure the water heaters still work. We do have a couple of shows planned, including Gridley’s Christkindl Market, which is always a great time if you get a chance to get out there Friday and Saturday, December 6 and 7. Great people, great food, and a true Christmas mood setter.

Then we can begin preparing for our kids and grandkids to be home for Christmas. It will be a whirlwind of food, fun and gift exchange and the grand kids always like to get out to see the alpacas and help with chores.

If we don’t get to talk before, have a Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

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