New Yarn Color Blends

Our new Fall 100% alpaca color blends have arrived and, as usual, Kelly at Dakota Carding and Wool has outdone herself creating the perfect combination of colors.  Sunset Silhouette is a “put your arms around me and hug me” blend of natural browns and fawns accented with natural dyed golden yellows, deep russet oranges and lavenders. Lapiz captures all of a range of natural blues that you find in that beautiful stone and accents them with rich natural brown, also often found in the stone. The third blend,  Nature’s Bounty, is entirely made up of natural alpaca colors of fawn, black and white. All of these are 100% royal baby quality alpaca fiber raised on our farm or personally selected by us from other farms that are part of the Synergy Alpaca Alliance. These beautiful blends are available in cloud for spinning or as custom hand-spun yarn. We also hope to have a few of our fashion items made up with these blends before the Fall and Winter rush.

Come by the farm and see these blends personally during National Alpaca Farm Days September 24th and 25th. We would be glad to have you see and touch these amazing and beautiful blends.

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