Argentinian Visitors

Walter, Gladys and Ingrid Bieman

Walter, Gladys and Ingrid Bieman

Apricot Blossoms

Another unexpected pleasure we get from our alpacas is sharing them with friends from all over the world. We never tire of telling our story to interested visitors, whether they are from across the road or from another hemisphere.

Today was an absolutely beautiful Spring day in Illinois and good friends asked to bring some family visiting from Argentina out to the farm to see the alpacas. We spent a couple of delightful hours with Mark and Monica Ball and Monica’s family from Buenos Aires, Walter and Gladys Bieman and their daughter, Ingrid. The weather was perfect to be out in the pastures with the alpacas and to walk about in the orchard to see the flowering fruit trees.

We see every one of these opportunities to share the alpacas and how we turn fiber into fashion accessories as a learning experience for us, too. Having visitors from other parts of the world helps us to appreciate the value of having a broader pool of language skills than the typical American has. I recall being in Athens, Greece several years ago and riding to the airport with a taxi driver that knew seven languages. It is kind of like me and knitting. There are so many people out there that can knit, there is no reason I shouldn’t be able to knit, and there are many people out there that know many languages, so I should also be able to learn other languages so I can share our story no matter who the audience is.

Okay, Rosetta Stone, let’s get going!

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